What Puts The Exotic In Exotic Cars?

What Puts The Exotic In Exotic Cars?

What is it, exactly, that makes an exotic car deserve that “exotic” description? It’s hard to really pin down a precise definition, but it all begins with that unforgettable appearance.

Extraordinary Looking Cars

It’s a car you recognize at first glance. Its breathtaking design captures your imagination and makes your heart race. Most of us immediately identify a Lamborghini or a Ferrari as an exotic sports car. Other distinguished brands include Aston Martin, Porsche, and Maserati, all with their own distinct lines and profiles.

Power, Performance & Purr

And it’s not just a pretty face: exotic cars are engineered to perform. Most of these luxury automobiles exceed 600 horsepower. You’ll hear the growl or purr of the engines, hinting at the power they can summon in just seconds.

Exclusivity, But Not Anymore

Due to their luxurious prices, exotic cars tend to be made in limited production numbers. Not just anyone gets to own a Lambo or cruise the streets in a convertible Ferrari. Thanks to high-end rental companies, luxury fleets can be yours for a day or a weekend.

At Dream Exotics in Las Vegas, we want to give you the opportunity to drive an exotic car on your special day.

  • Wedding
  • College Graduation
  • Anniversary
  • Job Promotion
  • Milestone Birthday
  • Unforgettable Date Night
  • Making A Dream Come True
  • Just Because

Upgrade Your Wedding Transportation

Make your special day even more glamorous as you begin your new life together with a luxury car. Imagine the stunning photos as you drive away from the wedding venue in a rented Rolls Royce.

A Convertible For Your College Graduation

You’re beginning a new era in your life! Celebrate your accomplishment with a thrilling drive in an exotic convertible. Of course, this makes a great gift to celebrate someone else’s graduation also.

Make This Anniversary Exotic

Pamper your partner with a day or two of luxury transportation. Enjoy the comfort and engineering that is exclusive to an exotic vehicle. Choose a sleek, elegant Bentley Bentyaga, a sporty Acura NSX, or one of our other fabulous options.

Job Promotion? Celebrate In An Aston Martin.

Congratulations! You’ve ordered new business cards. You’ve bought new professional attire. Now splurge on a drive in your favorite sports car. Listen to that engine purr. You’ve earned a bit of luxuriousness.

Gift Exotic Car Rental For That Milestone Birthday

Forget black balloons. Skip the surprise party. A day at the wheel of a Lamborghini is exactly what the auto aficionado in your life wants.

Memorable Rides For An Unforgettable Date Night

Reserving a table is nice. Ordering flowers is thoughtful. But you’ll always remember a date in an Aston Martin.

Fulfilling A Dream. Drive A Ferrari.

If your friend or spouse has fond memories of shiny Ferrari posters on their teenage bedroom walls, you can make their dream come true. Let them choose the color and the model that fits their fantasy.

Reserve Your Exotic Car Rental

Insert some adventure into an everyday week. You need a few thrills now and then. Roll up to your favorite restaurant in an Acura NSX, just because it’s a Tuesday.
You deserve the chance to find out what makes an exotic car “exotic” for you. Call Dream Exotics today to make your rental reservation.