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Lamborghini Huracán Rental: EVO or STO?

Which supercar should your reserve for your exotic rental when visiting Las Vegas: the Huracán EVO or the Huracán STO? Both two-seat sports cars offer a unique driving experience built on the same concept. However, a few differences may appeal to your sense of style. A Pair Of Lamborghini Rentals With Beasts Under The Rear… Read more »

7 Ways An Exotic Rental Can Enhance Your Business

How can you enhance your Las Vegas business or convention with an exotic car rental from Dream Exotics? You might be surprised at how many ways this small investment can create significant returns for your bottom line. 1. Impress New Clients or Investors When entertaining clients from out of town, chauffeuring them down the Las… Read more »

Drive Your Favorite NFL Players’ Exotic Car

Have you ever dreamed of driving your favorite NFL player’s exotic car? More than one of our football heroes owns or leases one of these rare luxury machines. So which player would you like to be for a day? Roll Like Antonio Brown In A Lamborghini Urus While NFL wide receiver only stayed with the Oakland Raiders for a summer… Read more »

6 Exotic Car Facts You Didn’t Know

Whenever you spy the badge of Lamborghini or Bentley on a sleek ride cruising the Vegas Strip, you know that an awe-inspiring engine rumbles under the hood. Naturally, it will be loaded with every imaginable luxury option. But that doesn’t mean you know everything about these legendary car manufacturers. Check out these little-known facts about… Read more »

The Evolution Of The Luxury Car

The luxury car market has come a long way in the past few decades, stretching all the way to luxury car rentals at Dream Exotics in Las Vegas. What started as a niche market for a select few has turned into a booming industry, with more and more people looking to buy each year. From… Read more »

What Makes Exotic Cars So Desirable

Treat yourself to the leather cockpits, paddle shifters, plus excess chrome and performance of luxurious status symbols in the Dream Exotics Las Vegas fleet of rentals. When you come to Vegas, you’re here to play. So why not try on a few of the exotic trappings of the upper echelon while you’re here? What happens… Read more »

The Evolution Of The Exotic Car

Supercars also thought of as exotics are cutting edge in automotive technology. We often think of them as ultimate luxury or speed machines. Still, with competing ideas in technology where only a team’s best ideas make the cut, only a few are produced or manufactured as a supercar. Manufacturers like Lamborghini and Ferrari produce high-end… Read more »

Top Occasions In Vegas To Rent A Exotic Car

Las Vegas is the place to celebrate life’s milestones and significant career events. Nearly all your special occasions of work or play can be highlighted with an experience of driving an exotic car rental from our Dream Exotics fleet. Life Is Beautiful Music & Arts Festival WWE Money In The Bank ADCC World Championships Bridal… Read more »

4 Tips In Choosing The Right Exotic Rental Car For Your Vacation

Vacations invite us to step out of our ordinary lives into the lap of luxury. Treat yourself to an exotic Las Vegas experience in a convertible rental from Dream Exotics. Or maybe you’d like to try something else from our fleet, so here are a few tips on getting more out of your vacation rental. Choose… Read more »

5 Exotic Car Features You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

You don’t have to buy an exotic car to enjoy the luxury features that come with ownership. Simply try out a couple of different luxury autos to enjoy the unique cockpit, cabin, and performance accessories available on vehicles of such prestige. Choose one of the many luxury rentals in the Dream Exotics fleet in Las… Read more »

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon Vs. Range Rover

Nothing is better than being able to get behind the wheel of a powerful Mercedes G-Wagon or Range Rover, and Dream Exotics in Las Vegas, NV, can offer you a rental so you can see why! The Best Of German Ingenuity In The G-Wagon Made from the 1970s military design, the Mercedes- Benz G-Wagon still… Read more »

Supercharge Your Valentine’s Date With An Exotic Car Rental

Chocolates and roses aren’t the only gifts worth giving on Valentine’s Day. Let the sparks fly with a Vegas exotic car rental from Dream Exotics. With our impressive selection of the finest supercar and luxury car rentals, you’ll always find the right exotic car for the occasion. A Valentine You’ll Remember Imagine pulling up to… Read more »

5 Exotic Cars You Have To Drive This New Years

If you don’t have an exotic car in your garage, you can still experience the thrill of renting one. Make a striking entrance at a special event or take a luxurious weekend getaway. Impress your special someone or your business associates. You’ll skip the extravagant purchase price as well as the headache of maintaining the… Read more »

What Puts The Exotic In Exotic Cars?

What is it, exactly, that makes an exotic car deserve that “exotic” description? It’s hard to really pin down a precise definition, but it all begins with that unforgettable appearance. Extraordinary Looking Cars It’s a car you recognize at first glance. Its breathtaking design captures your imagination and makes your heart race. Most of us… Read more »

What Makes A Rental Car High Performance?

Here at Dream Exotics in Las Vegas, we know that cars can make a statement whether you’re getting a rental to travel for business, pleasure, or just for cruising The Strip. You can turn heads with a showy ride that packs a punch. So, what exactly makes a car qualify as being high-performance? Driving Experience… Read more »

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Exotic Rental Car

With the largest fleet of luxury rentals in Las Vegas, at Dream Exotics, we know cars. We give you options so you can have the style of ride you want and still get whatever job you need to do in the Vegas Valley done. Whether you need an exotic car rental for business or pleasure,… Read more »

Labor Day Vacay In A Luxury Sports Car

Planning a Labor Day weekend in Las Vegas? Make this last chance to enjoy the summer sunshine extra memorable with a luxury sports car rental. No matter where your vacation takes you this September, Dream Exotics can get you there in style. Make A Splash In An Acura, Aston Martin, Or McLaren Make a splash… Read more »

Roadster Vs. Convertible – What’s The Difference?

If you hang around car fanatics, chances are you hear the terms convertible and roadster regularly. You’re probably aware that both types of automobiles allow for open-air driving. If you’re like many people, however, distinguishing between the two can be a challenge. Learn more about the difference between roadsters and convertibles, so you know what… Read more »

Rental Convertibles For Vegas Wedding Photos

If you are looking for a convertible car rental in Vegas for wedding photos, then rely on Dream Exotics. All the best wedding car pictures have three things in common – a great pose, a stellar backdrop, and a fantastic car. Make sure your pictures are as unforgettable as your special day. Your photographer can… Read more »