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5 Exotic Cars You Have To Drive This New Years

If you don’t have an exotic car in your garage, you can still experience the thrill of renting one. Make a striking entrance at a special event or take a luxurious weekend getaway. Impress your special someone or your business associates. You’ll skip the extravagant purchase price as well as the headache of maintaining the… Read more »

What Puts The Exotic In Exotic Cars?

What is it, exactly, that makes an exotic car deserve that “exotic” description? It’s hard to really pin down a precise definition, but it all begins with that unforgettable appearance. Extraordinary Looking Cars It’s a car you recognize at first glance. Its breathtaking design captures your imagination and makes your heart race. Most of us… Read more »

What Makes A Rental Car High Performance?

Here at Dream Exotics in Las Vegas, we know that cars can make a statement whether you’re getting a rental to travel for business, pleasure, or just for cruising The Strip. You can turn heads with a showy ride that packs a punch. So, what exactly makes a car qualify as being high-performance? Driving Experience… Read more »

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Exotic Rental Car

With the largest fleet of luxury rentals in Las Vegas, at Dream Exotics, we know cars. We give you options so you can have the style of ride you want and still get whatever job you need to do in the Vegas Valley done. Whether you need an exotic car rental for business or pleasure,… Read more »

Labor Day Vacay In A Luxury Sports Car

Planning a Labor Day weekend in Las Vegas? Make this last chance to enjoy the summer sunshine extra memorable with a luxury sports car rental. No matter where your vacation takes you this September, Dream Exotics can get you there in style. Make A Splash In An Acura, Aston Martin, Or McLaren Make a splash… Read more »

Roadster Vs. Convertible – What’s The Difference?

If you hang around car fanatics, chances are you hear the terms convertible and roadster regularly. You’re probably aware that both types of automobiles allow for open-air driving. If you’re like many people, however, distinguishing between the two can be a challenge. Learn more about the difference between roadsters and convertibles, so you know what… Read more »

Rental Convertibles For Vegas Wedding Photos

If you are looking for a convertible car rental in Vegas for wedding photos, then rely on Dream Exotics. All the best wedding car pictures have three things in common – a great pose, a stellar backdrop, and a fantastic car. Make sure your pictures are as unforgettable as your special day. Your photographer can… Read more »

Sports Car Vs Supercar: What’s The Difference?

There’s nothing like the envious stares and traffic-stopping presence of a stunning set of wheels. And if you’re looking to truly make an entry and exit, choosing an exotic Supercar — like a Lamborghini and Ferrari — from Dream Exotics in Las Vegas will exceed your expectations. But do you know the difference between a… Read more »

Exotic Convertibles For The Open Road

Renting a luxury convertible lets you feel the warmth of the sunshine and the freedom of the wind in your hair as you escape for a day trip along Nevada’s back roads or enjoy the thrill of an unforgettable night ride. When it’s time to rent, what’s the best exotic convertible for the open road?… Read more »

5 Scenic Drives & Day Trips In Las Vegas

Get outside this spring. Go hiking, explore unusual places, and uncover romantic settings. A shiny Ferrari or flashy Lamborghini rental will make sure you stand out in selfie-ready scenery out of a western movie. Schedule your rental and read on to learn about five scenic drives and day trips in Las Vegas. We recommend checking… Read more »

Rent A Green Car For St. Patties Day In Vegas

While St. Paddy’s Day may not look the same this year, that doesn’t mean it has to be lame. Irish or not, you can make your own luck this spring. Cruise around Vegas in a green luxury car rental. Celebrate Safely & In Style So what if your favorite restaurants or bars are closed. Trade… Read more »

Feel Like 007 In An Aston Martin Luxury Rental

If you’ve always wanted to feel like 007, what better way to do so than in an Aston Martin rental? At Dream Exotics, we can have you feeling like the world’s best-known super-spy as you cruise around Vegas. James Bond and the Aston Martin are a duo that has undeniably left their mark on popular… Read more »

New Year’s In Vegas? Rent An Exotic Car

Rent an exotic car in Las Vegas from Dream Exotics and ring in the New Year on a high note. Our imposing fleet of exotic cars has a little something for everyone. Whether you’re a Ferrari fan or a Lambo lover, you’ll start off the new year on the right foot when it’s on the… Read more »

Why Do Most Supercars Have Automatic Transmissions?

At Dream Exotics in Las Vegas, you might notice that many of our supercars have automatic transmissions instead of manual. But, why? As technology has become more advanced, there are many reasons to build these luxury vehicles with an automatic or AMT (Automated Manual Transmission). Trust us. When you get behind the wheel of a… Read more »

Boost Your Mental Health With An Exotic Car Rental

If you’re looking for an amazing mental health boost, we recommend an exotic car rental from Dream Exotics in Las Vegas. During these challenging times, we could all use a little change of pace. Bring a smile to your face and some joy to your life as you take one of our convertible sportscars for… Read more »

Best Exotic Car Rentals For Business Travelers

As a business traveler in Las Vegas, you can take advantage of the unique opportunity to rent an exotic car during your stay by reserving your favorite model at Dream Exotics. You’re visiting one of the most exciting cities in the world. You might as well enjoy your time here cruising in a Lambo or… Read more »

Experience Vegas In Fall With A Luxury Convertible Rental

Dream Exotics has the prefect luxury convertible rental for you to explore Las Vegas on and off the strip this fall. With average fall temperatures ranging from the 70s to low 80s, there is no better way to experience the sites in and around the Vegas Valley. Imagine taking the top down on your rented… Read more »

6 Vegas Sites To See In A Ferrari Convertible

Delight your friends, visiting VIPs, or special someone on your next vacation by driving through the Las Vegas Valley in a sexy, stylish Ferrari convertible from Dream Exotics. All of our exotic sports cars are built to impress, but these sleek convertibles are even better if you’re looking to experience all the wonders of Sin… Read more »

Luxury Car Rentals For Weddings

If you want to add a little more distinction and excitement to your Las Vegas wedding day, Dream Exotics is here for you with extraordinary transportation. Our fleet of exotic cars is ready to update and upgrade your wedding car option. Go from traditional to out-of-the-ordinary and leave your guests in awe. We’ve got your… Read more »

Social Distance The Fun Way In An Exotic Car

Keep social distancing from making you crazy with a fun day out in an exotic car rental from Dream Exotics in Las Vegas. Staying apart can be hard when you’re accustomed to living in the entertainment capital of the world. The world has slowed down. Not all of your avenues of delight have to. There… Read more »