High Performance Rental Cars

What Makes A Rental Car High Performance?

Here at Dream Exotics in Las Vegas, we know that cars can make a statement whether you’re getting a rental to travel for business, pleasure, or just for cruising The Strip. You can turn heads with a showy ride that packs a punch.

So, what exactly makes a car qualify as being high-performance?

  • Driving Experience
  • High-Quality Engine
  • Specialized Braking
  • Plush Seats & Design
  • Amazing Suspension

Performance Cars Do Just That: Perform

Their name says it all. High-performance cars are more aerodynamic by design inside and out. They also have powerful engines, provide greater agility, can hit top speeds, and have amazing cornering abilities. Put it all together, and you have an enhanced driving experience.

It’s All About The Motor

Powerful engines provide higher levels of performance on the road. In terms of speed, the average vehicle has around 150 PS horsepower, while high-performance vehicles have a horsepower of 250 PS or higher.

Specialized Braking Systems

Special braking systems that can hold up to the speeds and heat generated during faster rides are standard because performance doesn’t only mean speed. In these exotic cars, high-performance brakes are designed to work effectively under even the harshest conditions.

Unique Seat & Design Styles

Anyone ready to feel truly unleashed on the road with a powerful supercar rental will enjoy several unique features. High-performance vehicles have seats like those in racing cars. Ferrari rentals, for example, often have seats with an additional bolster to hold passengers in place when cornering on a fast drive.

The Suspension, Cradles You Close

The suspension in performance vehicles uses different shock absorbers and springs versus standard automobiles. The suspension is also lower, which enhances driving performance and cornering abilities.

Looking For The Perfect Performance Rental Car?

Whether you want to rent a Lamborghini or reserve another sleek supercar rental, you’ll find plenty of dreamy performance vehicles at Dream Exotics in Las Vegas, Nevada. Book your Vegas rental by phone or online today, and get on the road right away!