Top 5 Luxury Car Brands

Top 5 Luxury Car Brands

What are the top 5 luxury car brands on the roads today, and where can you get your hands on one for an exotic car rental in Las Vegas? Dream Exotics has all the answers–and the rides–for you right here.

  • Land Rover
  • Bentley
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Cadillac

Rugged Durability With Land Rover

This boxy SUV was first built in 1948 to take explorers over dunes and unpaved trails across the British Empire. It earned an impeccable reputation for durability, which made it attractive to drivers looking for a rock-solid machine. Over the decades, it became coveted by the rich and famous, leading Land Rover to focus on the upscale market. You can pilot a Range Rover Autobiography down the Strip, kitted out with ventilated leather seats and a stunning sound system.

High-Performance Luxury With Bentley

As wider roads were built after World War I, Bentley Motors released its first vehicle in 1921 designed for cruising at faster speeds. Since the driver who could afford their 3.0L engine also demanded a wealth of amenities, the brand built a future focused on performance with a luxury twist. Today, the Bentley Bentayga is one of few machines made that sports a V12 under the hood.

Customizable Comfort With Rolls-Royce

In 1904, many customers seeking a newfangled automobile were still driving to church in their custom-built carriages. Thus, Rolls-Royce began business by constructing indulgent cars that offered all the comforts of an upscale landau. In current times, each Rolls-Royce Ghost is crafted for a specific customer. The future owner can choose the wood, leather, and tech toys they want in their new ride.

Cutting Edge Form & Function With Mercedes-Benz

The German automaker set the stage for the future when it released the first car in 1886. As the industry grew, they remained committed to testing the limits of engines, aerodynamics, suspensions, and creature comforts. Now crafted for the elite customer, Mercedes-Benz continues to combine the best of both performance and upscale amenities. You can pilot one of the exclusive Mercedes-Benz G-Wagons in Las Vegas and discover true luxury for yourself.

Iconic American Luxury With Cadillac

Like the European automakers on this list, the first Cadillac appeared during the earliest years of automotive history in 1902. Ever since the Cadillac badge began to be associated with producing elegant rides, they have easily competed with overseas markets. The 1970s saw Cadillac become the iconic American luxury vehicle with popular models like the DeVille and Eldorado. You can embrace the beauty of one of their drool-worthy SUVs when you take a Cadillac Escalade out for a night of fun with all your friends.

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