Exotic Cars Automatic Transmission

Why Do Most Supercars Have Automatic Transmissions?

At Dream Exotics in Las Vegas, you might notice that many of our supercars have automatic transmissions instead of manual. But, why? As technology has become more advanced, there are many reasons to build these luxury vehicles with an automatic or AMT (Automated Manual Transmission).

Trust us. When you get behind the wheel of a V8 Ferrari or V10 Lambo, you’ll notice the enhanced performance and added convenience without missing out on any of the fun that comes with driving a manual.

A Trans That Can Handle Higher Horsepowers

While an automatic transmission may not have seemed like the swiftest option in the past, technology is changing that aspect of driving sports cars. With many supercars reaching 500 plus horsepower these days, a manual box is simply unable to keep up with the monstrous power these engines produce.

  • Manuals can’t compete with the 0-60mph time of automatic options.
  • Manual shifting is actually slower than automatic options.
  • Automatic shifting provides more efficient acceleration through the gears.
  • Fewer people are learning to drive manual cars making the manual option less popular.
  • Some supercars have 9-12 automatic gears, which proves difficult to efficiently shift through manually.

Can You Drive A Stick Shift?

Not everyone driving a luxury sportscar is a car enthusiast looking for the immersive experience that comes with shifting gears manually. The majority of people who want to drive supercars have never learned how to operate a clutch or shift gears because they’ve never had to learn.

Ferrari previously stated that manual transmission sales contributed to less than 1% of their sales numbers from 2010-2014.

The New Automatic Experience

With an automatic option, you can find yourself immersed in an incredibly advanced sound system or experience the wind in your hair with the top down instead of worrying about accidentally grinding those expensive luxury gears.

Take one of our exotic cars for a spin and find out if you can live without the option to shift manually.

Luxury Sports Car Rental In Las Vegas

Whether you know how to drive stick or not, Dream Exotics in Las Vegas has an exotic car you’ll love to drive. You don’t have to be a car expert to drive a Lambo or a Ferrari, and you don’t need to know how to operate a clutch or shift gears. Top-of-the-line luxury cars do all that work for you. Contact us today to make your reservation and experience this automatic revolution for yourself.