Roadster VS Convertible

Roadster Vs. Convertible – What’s The Difference?

If you hang around car fanatics, chances are you hear the terms convertible and roadster regularly. You’re probably aware that both types of automobiles allow for open-air driving. If you’re like many people, however, distinguishing between the two can be a challenge.

Learn more about the difference between roadsters and convertibles, so you know what to look out for when reserving your next exotic car rental.

What Is A Roadster?

A roadster is a vehicle that is made for sport and has two doors, two seats, and an open-top. Initially, a roadster referred to a two-seat car with no protection from the weather. However, the term has evolved to encompass two-seat convertibles.

  • Sportscars
  • Two Doors
  • Two Seaters
  • Open Top

Hard Top Vs. Soft Top Roadsters

The roof of a roadster can be made out of fabric or metal. A fabric roof is referred to as a soft-top, while a metal roof is called a hard-top. Folding hard-tops are heavy, so they are usually operated electronically. On the other hand, fabric roofs are manually opened and closed for many car models.

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What Is A Convertible?

Not all convertibles are roadsters, but all roadsters are convertibles. A convertible car is any passenger car that you can drive with or without a roof. Different models have different ways of withdrawing and storing the roof. Our sunny Las Vegas weather is perfect for enjoying open-air driving.

You can rent a luxury convertible and explore the beautiful desert scenery, or cruise the strip with the wind in your hair and all the lights and atmosphere up close.

Roadster & Convertible Car Rental In LV

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