Long Term Exotic Rental

Is A Long-Term Exotic Rental Better Than Buying An Exotic Car?

Driving the car of your dreams is on your must-do list, but should you buy the luxury car or opt for a long-term exotic car rental? Of course, there are benefits to both options, but sometimes it is easier to rent rather than to add a supercar to your garage permanently. So why is renting an exotic car the best choice for you?

Take Your Chance To Drive A Supercar Before You Buy

Unlike the fleet of Toyota Prius, you see every day on the freeway, an exotic car like a Lamborghini Aventador or Ferrari 812 cannot be found on the corner dealer lot. So if you are considering buying one of these rare machines, you want to take it for a test drive. Opting for a luxury rental allows you to spend days or even a week truly experiencing that unique ride.

  • Do the hand-tooled leather seats fit your body?
  • Are you comfortable behind the wheel?
  • Is there room for your gym bag, golf clubs, or even the kids?

Once you’ve got a few answers from your luxury car rental, you can decide whether you’re ready to ride or you’d like to rent a different model to find your dream car.

A Luxury Rental Is Kinder to Your Wallet

Buying a luxury car is a serious investment. Some of these machines can run up to a quarter or half-million dollars. Even a monthly payment on a purchase or lease will put a big dent in your wallet.

If you are planning a special event or vacation, renting the Cadillac Escalade or Bentley Bentayga allows you to enjoy bespoke amenities without spending a lot. Once the week or month is over, your budget returns to normal.

Let Luxury Car Specialists Handle The Maintenance

When you buy an exotic supercar, you must protect its future investment value. You will need to hire the best automotive technicians to change the oil. You will need to have a professional detail the inside and outside as often as it requires a wash and wax.

An exotic car rental means you get to have someone else take care of routine maintenance.

  • Schedule the next oil and filter change
  • Rotate the tires
  • Replace the brake pads
  • Change the cabin filters

Get Your Long-Term Rental In Las Vegas

If you want to learn more about a long-term luxury rental in the Las Vegas area, call us at Dream Exotics. Whether you are searching for Lambo, Ferrari, Corvette, or Rolls-Royce, we have multiple models available for you to choose from.