Lamborghini Huracán Rental: EVO or STO

Lamborghini Huracán Rental: EVO or STO?

Which supercar should your reserve for your exotic rental when visiting Las Vegas: the Huracán EVO or the Huracán STO? Both two-seat sports cars offer a unique driving experience built on the same concept. However, a few differences may appeal to your sense of style.

A Pair Of Lamborghini Rentals With Beasts Under The Rear Bonnet

The EVO and STO both house the monstrous 5.2L V10 engine under its rear engine hatch. Capable of pumping out an alarming 631 horsepower and 416 lb-ft of torque at the lowest specs, these race-inspired machines offer minimal hesitation when you ease down on the pedal. Instead, it will spit out its exhaust accompanied by a roar usually reserved for closed tracks.

The Huracán EVO: A Two-Seater That Steals The Show

Inside you are welcomed by a cockpit prepared for adventure. The bolstered seats support your legs and rib cage when you attack a tight turn on the winding roads heading out to the Hoover Dam. A premium sound system provides the pulse for your evening escapade. The Huracán EVO represents a love story between auto designers and drivers with a low, sleek, and angular exterior and a dash that tells you everything you want to know. The Huracán oozes its storied heritage.

‘The Huracán STO: A Little Sleeker And Bolder

The Huracán STO stands for unapologetic performance in the face of pedestrian SUVs. Its creators first dispensed with the all-wheel drive, shortened the body length by an inch, and lowered the roof by two. Then, they applied an athletic exterior performance package to the STO. The cabin is spartan without sacrificing function. The STO is built to leave the driver with minimal distractions while supporting a complete focus on the road ahead.

  • Stanchion Spoiler
  • Double Front Air Intakes & Splitter
  • Roofline Fins
  • Contrasting Color On Skirts & Spoiler Fins
  • Carbon Fiber Body Panels
  • Pull-strap Door Handles

Which Should You Choose?

There is no question that the Huracán STO represents a powerful and aesthetic upgrade to the Huracán EVO with its sleek body lines and lightened frame. Someone who wants the world to see the power in their hands will love the Huracán STO. The Huracán EVO has a luxurious interior on its’ side, however, with leather trim seats and a top-of-the-line infotainment system, perfect for a date night on the Strip, or driving with a friend along the gorgeous Red Rock Canyon scenic drive.

Reserve Your Huracán EVO Or Huracán STO Rental Today

Are you ready to turn your Las Vegas visit into an experience of a lifetime? Do you want to cruise the strip in style and visit all of the local hotspots in a state-of-the-art ride? Then, click or call Dream Exotics today to ensure your preferred Lamborghini rental is waiting for you.