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Know Your Convertible: Spyder Vs Spider Vs Drophead

As your Las Vegas luxury car rental pros, Dream Exotics understands a thing or two about high-class convertibles. While browsing our fleet of drop-top sportscars, you’ve probably seen the terms Spyder, Spider, and Drophead. What’s the difference, and what do those terms even mean?

What Do Spiders Have To Do With Cars?

Before the invention of gas-powered vehicles, people frequently rode in horse-drawn carriages. One particular style of carriage seated two people and had a convertible roof. To some, this type of carriage looked spider-like.

This type of carriage, or phaeton, became known as a Spider. Since then, distinctive luxury auto manufacturers, like Ferrari and McLaren, have referred to their two-seater convertibles by the same name.

Spider Vs. Spyder

Unlike spider convertibles, Spyders, like the Lamborghini Huracán and Porsche 718, don’t take their name origins from the eight-legged arachnid. Spyder seems to be more of a manufacturer’s take on the already well-known “Spider” for a sporty convertible. So, this is a preference more than a reference to anything in particular.

Now, What About The Drophead?

“Drophead” is a term that refers to British Rolls-Royce convertibles. It’s a four-seater, two-door convertible with a folding roof. The “head” or roof “drops” or folds down, giving this particular Rolls its name.

The Rolls Royce Drophead convertible is synonymous with opulence. It is the ultimate standard in luxury convertibles.

Regardless Of The Name, You Can Count On Luxury

The origins of the names have become somewhat irrelevant, and many manufacturers have now released both Spiders and Spyders. But you can be sure that any car carrying either moniker will be a classy two-seater convertible that can get up and go while turning heads.

Luxury & Speed Awaits You

We have the largest fleet of exotic cars for rent in the Las Vegas area. Whether you are interested in a Spider, a Spyder, or another extraordinary, open-air ride, we are sure to have the convertible car rental that you’ve been dreaming of.

Turn heads while you cruise the Vegas Strip, hit the clubs in style, and impress your date in one of our sexy convertibles. With Dream Exotics, you’re free to put that top-down and hit our scenic Nevada byways too.

Luxury Convertible Rentals In Las Vegas

With an exotic sports car rental, you can make your trip to Sin City unforgettable, maybe even check an item off of that bucket list. Rent a Spider or Spyder for a day or a whole weekend.

Contact us at Dream Exotics today to reserve your high-end luxury convertible and get ready to feel our warm Vegas sun on your shoulders and spicy desert winds in your hair as you breeze around town.