Choosing The Right Luxury Car Rental

8 Tips For Choosing The Right Luxury Car Rental

How do you know you’re picking the right luxury car rental for that special day in Las Vegas? The pros at Dream Exotics are happy to help with these eight timely tips so you can choose with confidence.

  1. Choosing Exotic Vs. Luxury Cars
  2. Have The Right Number Of Seats
  3. What Length Of Time Is Your Excursion?
  4. Consider Room For Bags
  5. Match The Style To Your Event
  6. Attention Grabbing Horsepower Vs. Quiet Elegance
  7. A VIP Experience For Passengers
  8. A Luxury Rental Car Company That Makes It Easy

1. When Does Luxury Beat Exotic?

A luxury car like the Rolls-Royce Dawn caters to your comfort with spacious leather seats, a wealth of tech toys like multi-zone climate control, and a cabin that builds a buffer between you and the bustling strip. An exotic car, like a racecar, is crafted with a powerful engine that makes noise. Although it may also have comfortable seating and amenities, your experience will focus more on excellent road control and a great driving experience—less on passenger comfort and tranquility.

2. Do You Need Seating For Two, Four, Or Ten?

Are you hosting a party for your grooms or bridesmaids? Your luxury rental should have enough space for all of them and their gowns. For example, a spacious Cadillac Escalade will seat up to 8 people, allowing room to stretch out while celebrating.

3. A Luxury Dinner Rental Vs. A Long Weekend Escape

Are you planning for your car rental to be a highlight of your night out at a fine dining establishment such as Picasso or Le Cirque? You may want a luxury convertible. If you’re considering a romantic trip to Reno, you may prefer a comfortable SUV like the G-Wagon with extra room for luggage.

4. Ensure Room For Shopping Bags Or Backpacks

Is this an extravagant shopping spree with all the girls? An epic sightseeing day trip that requires backpacks or totes? Where are you going to fit all your purchases and bags? A roomy Bentley Bentayga will fit the bill nicely.

5. Are You Channeling Rock Star Or CEO Vibes?

Will you need to impress when you roll up at the boxing match or gala at the MGM Grand Garden Arena? Does your event call for something splashy and wild in a bright color, or do you prefer to make a more understated impression? Choose a luxury rental that matches your personal brand and energy, as well as that of the event.

6. How Much Attention Would You Like To Draw?

Some rides like the Rolls-Royce Ghost are designed to purr as they roll down the Strip—bystanders may not even hear you arrive. In contrast, if you want heads to turn before they even see you coming, consider the growl of an exotic sports car like a Lamborghini Huracan.

7. Chauffeuring Your Guests In Total Opulence

Are you responsible for delivering a VIP to an event? Make sure their suit or gown doesn’t get rumpled when sliding into the back seat, and they can fully relax en route to their event by renting a roomier ride.

8. Choose A Luxury Rental Car Company That Listens To Your Needs

The best way to find the perfect luxury rental for your special night in Las Vegas is to work with a company like Dream Exotics. We have a huge variety of both exotic and luxury rides. We’ll do all we can to match you to the right sports car, sedan, or SUV for your Las Vegas event—call us today to reserve!