Tips In Choosing The Right Exotic Rental Car For Your Vacation

4 Tips In Choosing The Right Exotic Rental Car For Your Vacation

Vacations invite us to step out of our ordinary lives into the lap of luxury. Treat yourself to an exotic Las Vegas experience in a convertible rental from Dream Exotics. Or maybe you’d like to try something else from our fleet, so here are a few tips on getting more out of your vacation rental.

  1. Choose Wisely For Your Vacation
  2. Have A Budget That Considers Added Costs
  3. Rent Luxury Rides That Fit Your Style
  4. Call Ahead With Any Questions

1) Your Exotic Rental Should Enhance Your Vacation

Get clear on what activities you’ll be doing on your vacation and choose a fun luxury rental that complements your plans. Go top-down in one of our exotic low-profile machines. Hop into the sexy Ferrari California T, or our sleek Lamborghini Huracán Spyder for the 13-mile scenic drive carving through Red Rock Canyon. Feel the superb handling of these super sports cars on the ride; and relish a stunning, unobstructed view from a convertible.

2) Make It Fit Your Budget

Now that we know what activities you’re looking forward to doing on vacation, we’ll know how much time you want to have your rental for. Daily rates are usually for 24 hours, with specials being offered on several exotics in our fleet. Check out the Corvette C8, an all-American muscle car. But if you need a bit more room, step over to the luxury of Cadillac’s Escalade, with seating for 7.

3) Choose Rides That Honor Your Personal Style

Try something new on this trip to Las Vegas and drive the cars of your dreams. Those half-day rates can offer real flexibility. You could have a lot of fun trying out different models by experiencing a new car every day for four hours. Choose a car that’s a great fit for the occasion as well as one that you’ll also enjoy driving.

4) Take Note Before Leaving That Lot

Be sure to do a walk around and note the pristine condition of the car you’re renting. Have a blast in and around Vegas but handle it with care. Fill it up as you found it and return without nicks, dings, or tears. We take great care to offer you the best experience in a variety of models by paying attention to detail in both body and interior.

Reserve Your Choices Online

Try these tips when choosing your Dream Exotics rental for your next Las Vegas vacation. Reservations can be made online or call us with any questions.