Lamborghini Huracán EVO Coupe

Lambo Huracan EVO Coupe
Lambo Huracan EVO Coupe
Lambo Huracan EVO Coupe
Lambo Huracan EVO Coupe
Lambo Huracan EVO Coupe
Lambo Huracan EVO Coupe

Lamborghini Huracán EVO Coupe

  • Engine: 5.2L V10 Engine
  • 0-60 Time: 2.9 Sec
  • Top Speed: 202
  • Horsepower: 631


  • Time
  • 4 Hrs
  • 24 Hrs
    1699 $1199

The Lamborghini Huracán EVO Coupe is now available at Dream Exotics in Las Vegas. Take this thrilling adrenaline machine for a cruise and show off the newest addition to our exotic fleet during your next trip to Vegas. We accept advanced reservations, so plan your trip with us ahead of time to ensure this baby is available when you arrive in Sin City.

Lamborghini Looks, New Technology

For the newest Huracán EVO, Lambo went above and beyond with advanced technology and forward-thinking performance enhancements. This model has an impressive computer system that fully enhances your driving experience from all aspects. The interior includes an updated and futuristic infotainment system, which is a huge upgrade compared to previous versions.

Sexy Inside & Out

The exterior design of this model has maintained the notoriously dramatic lines and vivid body shape we are accustomed to seeing in a Lamborghini. At the same time, the engine is also as loud and booming as one would expect. The Huracán EVO does nothing but feed the driver’s ego.

It also packs a real punch when you look at the specs:

  • 5.2L V-10 Engine
  • 631-horsepower
  • 0-60mph in 2.9 second
  • Top Speed – 202 mph

Dressing to impress in Vegas means so much more than your outfit. Exotic cars are the best way to catch attention and get noticed in a town full of so much glitz and glamour. Lambos stand out above the crowd, and if you want to be seen, this is the car for you.

Plan The Best Date Night Ever

We dare your date to not be impressed when you arrive to pick them up in a Lamborghini. The roaring engine of the Huracán EVO will shake the ground at their feet. A rush of adrenaline and a feeling of aliveness awaits as you cruise smoothly, yet powerfully, to your destination. The looks of envy and admiration will not disappoint as you enjoy a night on the town in ultimate luxury and power.

Drive A Lambo In Las Vegas

Sounds like a dream, right? Drive a brand new Lamborghini Huracán EVO down the Las Vegas Strip – bystanders can’t help but stop to take notice. Feeling like a high-roller for the day is not impossible. At Dream Exotics, we can turn your dreams into reality, with flexible rental options and a wide range of cars to choose from. Contact us today to reserve your Lamborghini or any other exotic car of your choice.

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