Best Las Vegas Casinos

6 Best Las Vegas Casinos

You want your Las Vegas trip to be truly memorable—and you’d like to rent a supercar from Dream Exotics for your cruise down the Las Vegas Strip. But which casinos offer the best ambiance, cocktails, and games? Check out the Top 6 Casinos as rated by players.

  1. Wynn Las Vegas
  2. Casino At Bellagio
  3. Ellis Island Casino & Brewery
  4. Paris Las Vegas
  5. Casino At The Venetian
  6. The Cosmopolitan Casino

1. Spectacular Effects At Wynn Las Vegas

Once you clean up at the roulette table, check out Aft After Dark at the Lake of Dreams at Wynn Las Vegas. Aft is a stylish cocktail deck overlooking a private lake, surrounded by pines and a 90 ft. waterfall. From dusk, there are expertly designed multimedia shows every 30 minutes, combining light, water, puppetry, and graphics projected onto a half-acre screen. When you wake up, shop at Louis Vuitton and reserve a table at Chef Min’s Test Kitchen.

2. Indulge Your Senses At The Casino At Bellagio

Become part of the show as you pull up to the valet while the extravagant Fountains at Bellagio dance in the background. With Mediterranean-inspired pools and a host of spa treatments available, you’ll experience true serenity and opulence. Your MGM casino loyalty credits are honored here, while their available executive hosts can help you book a truly memorable stay.

3. Casual Fun At Ellis Island Casino & Brewery

If you want to leave the stress of the office and the Strip behind, cruise to the Ellis Island Casino for a casual day of play just a block away from the hustle and bustle. The No. 1 Nevada brewery serves a million pints a year as well as snacks from pizza to tacos to street food—and yes, their tables offer all your favorite games.

4. Paris Las Vegas Adds Romance To Your Visit

Is this a special getaway with your lover? Fall in love again with the Eiffel Tower gracing the view from your hotel room—just like in the city of lights. Paris Las Vegas is centrally located on the strip, allowing easy access to more exclusive gaming rooms just across the street.

5. Go For Glamour At The Casino At The Venetian

If you want a truly dramatic backdrop to frame your exotic car rental, look to the Venetian. The entire resort is dripping in gold, marble, and glass—with generously-sized cocktails to boot. Take in a show at the Venetian Theater for a night full of glamour.

6. An Urban Luxury Retreat: The Cosmopolitan Casino

Fit right in with the trendsetters in this new luxury urban casino. Check in at the Sahra Spa for a massage before hitting the expansive gambling floor. Finish your night at the massive pool district that remains open until sunrise.

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