Bentley Bentayga Vs. Lamborghini Urus

Super SUVs: Bentley Bentayga Vs. Lamborghini Urus

If you’re trying to decide between a Bentley Bentayga or the Lamborghini Urus, Dream Exotics in Las Vegas is here to help you decide which one to drive. When you need a little more room, there’s no need to compromise on class. See how these two super SUV’s stack up.

Because You’re Not A “Minivan Person”

Ok, so not every gig around town is going to work in a sweet little 2-seater. Sometimes you’ve got to entertain out of town guests or bring the kids along to the big game. When you rent a luxury SUV, you can get your gear and crew in comfortably without sacrificing your street cred.

Bentley’s Ultimate Grand Touring SUV

Bentley has been perfecting cars for over a hundred years. It’s no surprise that this British company delivers, and in a big way, when it comes to the Bentayga luxury utility vehicle. Don’t miss a chance to experience a ride in this bigger, better Bentley.

  • Twin-Turbo W-12 Engine
  • Great Power & Handling
  • 8″ Touch Screen Nav & Infotainment System
  • Up To 17 CuFt Of Storage
  • Leather, Diamond Quilted Seats
  • 10 Speaker Audio
  • Seats 5 – 7
  • AWD

Lamborghini’s Sexy, Streamlined Super Crossover

The Lambo Urus was born out of a half-century of Italian innovation. Success. Power. Prestige. That’s what you say when you pull up in a Lamborghini, and the Urus is no exception. It’s the SUV with a sports car’s soul. This Lambo’s gorgeous, safe, and oh so fun to drive.

  • Twin-Turbo 90-Deg V-8 Engine
  • Great Power & Handling
  • Dual Touchscreen Infotainment System
  • Up To 22 CuFt Of Storage
  • 21 Speaker Bang & Olufsen Sound System
  • Supercar Precision
  • Quiet Ride
  • Seats 4
  • AWD

A Delightful Decision-Making Drive Off

Now that you’ve seen some of the differences in specs, which SUV is better? Well, that all depends on you and where you want to go. We always recommend renting each car for a day out in the Valley to get that real-world comparison. Lucky for you, Vegas is full of places to take a luxury crossover.

  • Fine Dining With The Family
  • Take The Guys To The Club
  • Group Date Night
  • Impress The In-Laws
  • Golf Trip With Clients

Bentley Bentayga Vs. Lamborghini Urus: You Decide

Cruise the Strip in a Bentley Bentayga or slip out for a night on the town in a Lamborghini Urus. Make the most of your Las Vegas business trip, vacay, or staycay up a notch with an exotic car rental from Dream Exotics. Call to make your reservation today.