5 Exotic Car Features You Didn't Know You Were Missing

5 Exotic Car Features You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

You don’t have to buy an exotic car to enjoy the luxury features that come with ownership. Simply try out a couple of different luxury autos to enjoy the unique cockpit, cabin, and performance accessories available on vehicles of such prestige. Choose one of the many luxury rentals in the Dream Exotics fleet in Las Vegas or Atlanta to discover what you’ve been missing.

Cool Features In Exotic Cars include:

  • Flight Deck Style Cockpit Console
  • Reclining Rear Passenger Seats
  • Four-Wheel Steering
  • Four-Corner Leveling
  • Boss Quality Stereo System

Cockpit Consoles To Satisfy Your Imagination

Lamborghini cabin designs can be a supercar flashback to our childhood aviation dreams.  Cockpit consoles plus dash have those details in design and instrument placement reminiscent of a flight deck. Climb in, you can relive your glory days as you pilot your Lambo around town, people-watching in Las Vegas.

Say what? Reclining Rear Seats?

Give up control to your passengers. Imagine if all your guests could control their own seating positions. Comfortable, relaxed passengers make for a more enjoyable trip.  An exotic car rental, Bentley Bentayga encourages that laid-back travel vibe. Rear passenger seats, designed with memory settings, can be individually reclined up to forty degrees. You could probably cruise an entire scenic byway without them ever wanting to leave their seats.

All Four Wheels Steering Means Precision Turns

Four-wheel steering means tighter, more efficient turns with an assurance that this elegant machine will be precisely on point when taking your direction.  Genius in its design and execution, the steering mechanism has a speed sensor that determines that your rear wheels will turn more slowly as your car travels faster. Conversely, when you’re driving quite slowly, those rear wheels execute a sharper turn. This sure could come in handy when all four wheels of that Rolls-Royce turn simultaneously to put you in that tight parking spot in Las Vegas.

Four-Corner Leveling Suspension Smooths Things Out

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a smooth ride, yet not really feel any dips, gaps, and manhole covers in the pavement?  One such luxury feature exists to ease bumps in the road. Because of technological advances, an onboard camera system allows one Rolls-Royce to scan ahead and anticipate what road conditions are coming. Those perfectly placed chassis cameras relay the information and ensure the suspension system adjusts to accommodate those ruts in the road and any other uneven surface areas.

Boss Quality Audio Lets You Take The Party With You

A thoughtfully designed and well-engineered audio system simply elevates your luxury rental experience. Imagine driving an exotic rental while listening to your favorite artists through 15 or more individually amplified speakers. Carefully placed tweeters for high-end, with woofers and mid-ranges separated, put you and your guests squarely at center in a surround-sound 3D party. Road trip anyone?

Exotic Rental Cars At Dream Exotics With Cool Features:

Don’t Miss Out On A Cool Trip

Is your curiosity piqued yet?  Come check out our stunning cars at Dream Exotics of Las Vegas to experience exciting features in design and engineering. Check out our exotic rental cars today for the experience of a lifetime.