5on Google,Aug 21, 2019


Joanne was extremely pleasant to work with along with the rest of the staff. Unbelievable experience! Will definitely rent from them again considering how easy the process was and great customer service! The cars are amazing and worth every penny! My husband rented a Lamborghini Huracán for 24 hours so that we could see Red Rock Canyon and Hoover Dam. I can’t put into words how unforgettable our day was. Turned a lot of heads in traffic and got a lot of compliments. Thank you to everyone at Dream Exotics for making our anniversary trip one for the books.

5on Google,Aug 21, 2019


I recently rented a Ferrari Italia and I can't wait to do this again, Mike was amazing and made it super easy I was in and out within 20 min, car was super shinny and clean in and out, when I brought the car back they even took me to my hotel on a Mercedes Maybach, amazing experience, I will definitely be back, Mike you have a costumer for life. Thank you

5on Google,Aug 20, 2019


Thanks to Joanne I had the best experience, will be coming back again every year .. oh and the popcorn !!!!!

5on Google,Aug 18, 2019


Spoke to Jerry on the phone and he was super nice and helpful. Drove down the next morning from Utah and took out the white 458 spider. Was very impressed with the operation and the cars. Super helpful and friendly people. Would highly recommend. They made the entire process fun and easy.

5on Google,Aug 16, 2019


Dream is all I go with ! Who else will give you unlimited mileage with no deposit !

5on Google,Aug 16, 2019


Greatest experience of my life, fantastic staff. They always take care of me. They have excellent rates I drove the Ferrari California and Rolls Royce Wraith.

5on Google,Aug 15, 2019


I spoke with and Rented through Jerry Rispoli back in may on the 7th and I can’t express how AWESOME my experience was. When I got there that morning I met with one of his co workers and they treated me with upmost respect! The service was absolutely wonderful! I rented the car Tuesday to Thursday and during the time I had the vehicle specifically the “Lamborghini Huracan” I felt great! The car was in pristine condition and was worth every bit. When I returned the car I met with a lady who AGAIN treated me with the upmost respect! She was a great way to end my experience with this company! The whole team is great! I’ll be back in January for a event and I’m bringing some family and ALL of us will be using Dream Exotics !!! Thanks guys and I hope to see you all soon!!

5on Google,Aug 14, 2019


UNREAL CUSTOMER SERVICE ACCOMMODATING A HUMBLE BUDGET The team at DreamExotics made me more excited about my Vegas trip than any other aspect of it. They worked with my weekend budget, and ensured that I could have the experience I was looking for without compromising any quality. I would recommend them to every person looking to truly experience the Vegas lifestyle, or for those thrill seekers looking to stay out of the clubs and want to spend their money wisely!!! I am a loyal customer before every setting foot in the showroom, and will continue to be an advocate for them strictly based on how they treated me as a potential customer.

5on Google,Aug 10, 2019


Amazing experience , staff super friendly and fully transparent through the whole process. Highly recommended it will be an experience you'll never forget !

5on Google,Aug 08, 2019


This was truly a bucket list experience! Dream Exotics was fantastic to work with. Mike was our representative and he was GREAT!! We had an absolute blast!

5on Google,Aug 07, 2019


Every man and woman has a dream car they wanted to have or drive as a kid. Well this is the place to go. Jerry will welcome you with open arms a warm smile and firm handshake. He will let cruise the selection and pick your poison. Mike will run down the check list and Spoon feed you the experience of a lifetime. Such a down to earth warm funny guy. He has great style in his merchandise selections and every walk of life an find something they'd love wearing or using in their daily lives, sporting a great logo. Jonathan will pick you up in a luxury car and he will be helpful warm and inviting. He's very friendly and will open and close your doors he will make sure you have whatever you need. What a great group of men to experience business with. Very humble company. Thank you guy's for such a great time and the friendly stress free experience.

5on BirdEye,Aug 05, 2019


What an amazing experience. From the first contact with them to the car delivery and return. Jerry was my main contact and was so amazing. Highly recommend these guys. Get the Cosmo Lambo. You will NOT regret it. :-)

5on BirdEye,Aug 05, 2019


Amazing experience, the staff was super cool and friendly. Will definitely recommend if you’re looking for an exotic car to rent.

5on Google,Aug 03, 2019


Badass staff. Very courteous and professional. Didnt try to upcharge me or hit me with hidden fees like everywhere else in Vegas. Definitely will return soon. Thanks guys.

5on Google,Aug 01, 2019


Rented a Ferrari California T from Joanne today and it was amazing!Car was exactly as pictured on the website. She was very accommodating and down to earth.Everything about the car was explained to me in detail before leaving.I highly recommend this place!An absolute wonderful driving experience!!

5on Google,Jul 31, 2019


The whole team really goes the extra mile to make you feel at ease not only with the vehicles but also with the experience. Best exotic rental company I’ve dealt with and the last I’ll ever need. Customer for life!

5on Google,Jul 30, 2019


Joanne took care of everything made everything super easy. Had a blast in a huracan and 458. Won’t rent from any other place in Vegas after going to dream.

5on Google,Jul 26, 2019


DREAM EXOTICS LITERALLY SAVED MY EVENT. Story time. I own a concierge company focused on catering to VIP clients in the cannabis space. I throw parties all over Las Vegas and sometimes they get bigger than expected. After months of planning for our event and photoshoot, we decided to rent a beautiful Bentley Continental GTC from Dream Exotic. (The process was a BREEZE btw, which is fantastic for a busy guy like me) The car was absolutely stunning, we drove it around with heads turning all over the city. After taking photos with out models in the wild, we headed to our event space. We parked the Bentley right in front of the entrance to our mansion, where everyone stopped and admired this wonderful machine. As the night went on, the party got larger and larger until the property managers broke into the party. After explaining my business and why I was there... their attention turned to the beautiful white Bentley parked out front. They were enamored. I asked them if they'd ever seen one up close, and the answered "no." I then asked them if they wanted to sit in it... their eyes lit up. Once they sat in the car, I started the engine and took them for a spin around the block. They were smiling from ear to ear. When we returned back to the VIP event, the property managers we no longer concerned with what we were doing. They shook my hand, thanked me for everything and wished me the best of luck with the remainder of my event. Bottom line. Without the Bentley from Dream Exotics our event would have been shut down early, leaving me high and dry. This car saved me time, money and my reputation. Thank you Dream Exotics! Andrew Mieure Top Shelf Budtending

5on Google,Jul 24, 2019


Was in the middle of my plane ride last week when I decided I wanted to rent an exotic car. I left a message on the website and within 5 minutes I had a text message from Joanne. Within 45 minutes of my plane landing, she had me in a Lamborghini Urus. Such a simple process thanks to her. Added a day on to the rental the day I was to return it, and again all it took was a text message to Joanne. Prices and cars are unbeatable in Las Vegas, and the customer service you receive just makes it flat out the best exotic car rental in Vegas. No one will get my business in Vegas besides these guys

3on Google,Jul 24, 2019


Expensive but we can put a check mark off on our bucket list. Lamborghini was fast & fun!!

5on Google,Jul 24, 2019


The Dream Exotics team was a pleasure to work with. Amazing cars with exceptional service. I will definitely be renting from them every time I go back to Vegas. There are some hidden fees, but the experience was definitely worth it.

5on Google,Jul 24, 2019


Mike and Joann at Dream Exotics treated us with exceptional service. The vehicles were well cared for. Jonathan arrived at our hotel exactly when he was scheduled. He even phone first to make sure we knew what he would be picking us up in. The return process was quick and efficient. We did not waste any time during this evolution of our trip. Will engage their services when we return.

4on Google,Jul 12, 2019


I have done business in the past with Dream Exotic Car Rental and find there people and offerings to be outstanding. Keep up the great work!

5on Google,Jul 11, 2019


First time renter.... a huge fan and now lifelong client!!! The selection of cars here is amazing... it was like walking into a dream garage for any car lovers!!! I myself went with a Lambo.... WOW!!! Car was an immaculate BEAST!!! The staff was super professional but at the same time made me feel like they knew me forever!! Every detail from reserving to my pickup and drop off was great!! I’ll without a doubt be back next time I’m in the city of sin!!!